Directions to West Jefferson High School
“Hoss Memtsas” Stadium
2200 8th St., Harvey, LA

1. Take a left out of Westgate’s parking lot.

2. Go under the underpass and take a left to get on Hwy 90, East. (the four lane)

3. After traveling approximately 120-123 miles east on Hwy 90 (past Avondale), get in the right hand lane. There will be a split in the highway, ... stay in the right hand lane on Hwy 90 and VEER RIGHT.

4. Continue on Hwy 90 (2-4 miles) and you will merge onto the elevated Expressway. Continue on the elevated Expressway and take the big bridge crossing over the Harvey Canal. (get in the right hand lane) As soon as you are on the top of the bridge, you will see the stadium on your left … you need to exit to the right, at Exit 6, towards “Manhattan Blvd/Jefferson/Parish/Courthouse”.

5. Make a left U turn under the elevated Expressway (about 30 feet before Manhattan) After the U turn, get in the right hand lane, and turn right on Maple, then left on 8th.

Edited by JT - 09/10